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is the first in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurement of total IgE (tIgE) and specific IgE (sIgE) against a plethora of allergen extracts and molecular allergens.

Based on our test panels composition of allergen extracts and molecular allergens, a near complete picture of each patient’s sensitization status is obtained. ALEX² is based on our proprietary nano-bead technology. Every allergen (extract) can be individually optimized for production. The flexible analysis software, allows our customers to analyze tailormade allergen panels as they see fit for their clinical needs – Multiplex on demand.

The ALEX² assay protocol integrates a powerful Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Deteminants (CCDs) inhibitor during serum incubation, which will clear up your specific IgE results. This reduces the interpretative burden for physicians of CCD positive patients and increases the specificity of our test results.

  • Simultaneous measurement of total and specific IgE
  • Near-complete allergen panel, individually optimized
  • Multiplex test with on-demand panel composition
  • Integrated CCD inhibition

Alex² Technology


Allergen Extracts &
Molecular Allergens

0 %

Coverage of all routine
diagnostic needs

Alex² Technology

ALEX² is the next generation in vitro test for type I allergies. With an allergen panel of more than 280 allergen extracts and molecular allergens complemented by total IgE, we aim at above 99 % coverage of all routine diagnostic needs.

Our patent-pending technology was designed for testing hundreds of allergens in parallel without accepting a compromise on the performance of any single parameter.

The ALEX² assay protocol integrates a powerful Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Determinants (CCDs) inhibitor during serum incubation, which will clear up your specific IgE results. This reduces the interpretative burden for physicians of CCD positive patients and increases the specificity of our test results.

The quantification is based on a colorimetric image acquisition, using CMOS sensors and instrumentation.

Product Characteristics

ALEX² is a state-of-the-art multiplex ELISA test based on proven immunoassay chemistry and detection methods. The analytical performance parameters are aligned with the commercial assay systems currently available. A high correlation to reference methods is expected.

Detection method Colourimetric enyzme assay
Assay time 3.5 hours
Tests per run Up to 50 per operator, manual processing
Measuring range sIgE 0.3–50 kUA/L, quantitative
Measuring range tIgE ≤ 20–2500 kU/L, semi-quantitative
Precision/CV % total 12 %
Sample requirements 100 microliter serum or plasma (except EDTA)
Interference No significant interference from high total IgE, hemoglobin, bilirubin or triglycerides, see instructions for use for details
Calibration method Integrated, batch and allergen correction factors encoded by integrated 2D barcode

Required Equipment

All necessary lab equipment for processing & analysis of ALEX² will be provided by Macro Array Diagnostic

  • ALEX² Kit

  • Array Holder

  • Image xplorer

  • Lab Rocker & Incubation Chamber

  • Raptor Analysis Software

  • Windows PC/Laptop (only provided on request)


Analyzing ALEX²


While some imaging or scanning devices are expensive, delicate and bulky, MADx’s ImageXplorer is an easy-to-use and affordable device requiring only 15x18x18 cm of your preciouslab space. Both connection and power supply are managed through your personal computers USB port. The acquisition and analysis of a single test takes only seconds.


  • Plug and play setup, easy to use
  • Affordable for every lab
  • Compact footprint
  • Maintenance free

ALEX² key features


Conventional single-plex test systems can be laborious in obtaining comprehensive sensitization profiles. Often, several testing cycles are required to come to a clear diagnosis, and total IgE has to be tested separately.

To streamline this fragmented approach, ALEX² gives you a near complete picture of your patient’s situation including total IgE.

More than 120 allergen extracts and more than 170 molecular allergens are at your disposal. Exclusively available molecular allergens include risk markers from storage protein families and other new markers (e.g. house dust mite, malassezia sympodialis.)

  • Full flexibility for physicians
  • Adjust the ALEX² allergen panel to individual needs
  • Avoid paralysis by analysis

Discover the power of multiplex on demand

Specifically designed for ALEX², the Raptor analysis software offers maximum flexibility. Choose between up to 15 predefined symptomatic or allergen source based panels (like pollen, anaphylaxis, nuts, insects, etc.)

Lab measurement results will only be displayed and reported for the selected allergens. Alternatively, define your own custom allergen panels to match your personal and your patients needs. This allows you to account for regional differences in allergen exposure and avoids unnecessary testing.

Near cross-reactive-determinants (CCDS) free allergy diagnosis

Approximately 25 % of patients have anti-CCD IgEs, resulting in a significant number of positive sIgE results, especially when testing allergen extracts. Anti-CCD antibodies have been reported to be clinically insignificant (Malandain H et al. 2007; Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol).

  • Reduce CCD interferences
  • Get a clear picture of your patient’s sensitizations
  • Lower your interpretative burden and save time
  • Increase specificity
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